I am constantly impelled to combine clay with the materials that I’ve encountered throughout my career, iron, stainless steel, wood, and translate with these elements the imposing colors, textures and rhythms of South Florida.


The so many things that you think about when you stitch: the pattern, the rhythm, the fragile rehabilitation of broken possessions
Dimensiones | 8"- 18"


The skyline is a paradox: a horizon defined as the end of the city and the end of the sky.
This seemingly contradiction is expressed with colors, texture and contrasting materials: raku and a streamlined wood hanging from the roof.
 Dimentions | 6' x 8"


A mosaic expressing the sensation that arises when we stand before the horizon.
Dimentions | 5"- 43”

Palm Trees

Areca, Adonidia, Bismarckia, Copernicia, Everglades, Latania, Phoenix, Sabal. Florida’s palm trees seen from above.